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RAFFLE (Aug 1, 2012 to April 30, 2013)

Lottery Licence # RR12-0210

DRAW 1Sept 28, 121 prize: $1000
WINNER: Railside Farms

DRAW 2 October 31, 12 4 prizes: $500
WINNERS: Ed & Sharon Sandor, Blythman AgencIes, Rodney Fairbrother, Terry Stokke

DRAW 3 Nov 30, 12 4 prizes: $250
WINNERS: Paul Heglund, Russ Swihart, Joan Parsonage, Dahl Farms

DRAW 4 Dec 28, 12 10 prizes: $100
WINNERS: Don Parsonage, Kathy Smith, Art Blythman, Donna Pridmore, Nora Bertrand, Dennis Durette, Wade & Susan Pridmore, Karen Wagner, Grasslands Animal Health Clinic, Paul Heglund

DRAW 5 Jan 31, 13 10 prizes: $50
WINNERS: Moncef Trabelsi, Darren Holeha, Wade & Susan Pridmore, Barry Dahl, Tianna Smith, Randy Fisher, Eugene Howell, Elaine Earl, Debbie McMillan, Paul Heglund

DRAW 6 Feb 28, 13 10 prizes: $50
WINNERS: Chrysta Lewis, Shirley Thom, Bill Reynolds, Cindy & Fred Verhaest, Gerald Kisell, Alberta McKelvey, Joe Schneider, Mike Graves, Railside Farms, Roger & Wendy Morrow

DRAW 7 March 28, 13 5 prizes: $50
WINNERS: Paul Heglund, Eugene Howell, Vern & Vienne Pancoast, Randy Wagner, Duane Smith

DRAW 8 April 30, 13 1 prize: $5000
WINNER: Sierra Mackie

Live and Silent Auction winners at the hugely successful Supper/Auction on 17 November. Their donations, made through winning bids, totalled over $42,000

Bill & Connie Behrman
Bill Reynolds
Black Ranch
Brad & Marilyn Blythman
Darrell McKelvey
Don & Jill Parsonage
Donna Pridmore
Ed & Sharon Sandor
Elmer & Deb Palmer
Eve Erickson
Fred & Megan Blakley
Geano Seifert
Glen & Linda Lewis
Greg Wenzel
Happy Valley Farms
Heidi Beierbach
Jack & Cindy Ziegler
Kendal Pettyjohn
Kevin & Stacey Tittle
L&D Heritage Farms
Lorenda Rogers
Lorne Zentner (Zen Ridge Farms)
Mike Leismeister
Paul Swihart
Quinn Zilkie
Randy & Lisa Olson
Randy & Terry Stokke
Reynolds Farms
Richard Wilcox
Rod & Lisa Fairbrother
Ryan & Kim Lacelle
Riley Huery/Kelsey Abbott
Scott & Barb Sanderson
Scott & Deb Reamer
Taylor Ranching
Travis Seifert
Tom & Marianna Eremenko
Tony & Carolyn Leismeister
Warren & Linda Seifert
Wayne Kisell
Yvonne Glagau

Unfortunately, it was not possible to track the names of people who played Hi-Lo, bought 50/50 tickets, or entered in the bucket draws at the auction. Your contributions are appreciated too.

List of Auction Items - Thanks to those who donated!

Other Items Donated For Event - Thanks to those who donated!

Tillman Auto, Havre - $1000 and 4 oil changes

Supper donations:
Manley Bread & Honey,
Don and Kathy Smith,

On behalf of the Consul Rink Board we would like to recognize the following sponsors of the fundraising golf tournament.

Hole Sponsors:
The Barber Shop
Cal-Ker Septic Services
Warlin Ice Cream
Darrell & Sheri McKelvey & Family
Rolande Davis, AMHL Ltd.
South Country Inn
Big Squirt Car Wash
Upper Kuts
Cypress Hills InterProvincial Park

Major Sponsors:
Railside Farms – Randy & Lisa Olson
Cypress Hills Golf Course

Thank you to the many businesses and individuals that donated prizes and to all of the volunteers and participants.

Steven & Lindsey Behrman – Balls
Prairie Breeze Farms – Clock
Bill & Connie Behrman - VISA cards
Nancy-Jean Taylor Robsart Art Works – pottery
MNP – various golf accessories
Seifs Music – 4 Shirts
Cypress Park General Store and Currah’s Gas & Goods – jacket
Consul Senior Rockets – Putter
Kim Lacelle, AMHL – 2 x Duffle Bags
Blythman Agencies – 3 x Shirts
Cypress Hills Park Brandt Seifert – 4 x Park Passes
Reds Auto Havre – Golf balls, tees, go mugs
Prairie Farms Golf Course Havre – 2 x 18 hole rounds of golf
Blythman Agencies - 3 golf shirts

Dave & Tami Reynolds
Donna Reynolds
Sharon Sandor
Kristy Gilchrist
Donna West
Geano & Shelley Seifert
Scott & Barb Sanderson

Also a special thank-you to Kim Lacelle & Jodi Parsonage for organizing such a successful event!!

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